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 An essential value

Attitud  , at present, in this is concentrated  my developing – learning  in the I Chuan Way Throughout  the practise of the exercise called Zhan Zhuong , where you stand still  trying constantly to keep concentrated, you get  Physical benefits performing directly on muscles , Tendons , Respiratory and Circulatory Systems , oxygenating and revitalizing the whole body, besides a minor  weakness of energy. The features of this practise cause us an inevitable meeting with ourselves  . what is the worst nightmare in our society because we have no way to escape from ourselves. If our Thoughts punish us , we canīt run to turn on the tv to live some other life , where the troubles belong to others ., or evading by means of the radio , the telephone , magazines Or any other alternative our enviroment supplies  to get away from ourselves , the reality and  the true values. In the Zhan Zhuong  we find ourselves alone but with the inmensity of our being  , and the outburst is terrible.  Just to think , it would be over   if we make  use of our  freedom of choice , getting down our arms down  saying : I canīt do this ,  it would finish that crash.  But not  if we look for inside through the practise , we finally agree that I canīt , hides the excuse I donīt want  , and that doesnīt mean  I donīt want to practice but with my worst troubles , my more evident excuses about what I founded almost all my life  (perhaps all of it )  , because recognizing them I would have to reformulate everything , what I want  , sell or I want to be , and accept  my good escence and specially the bad one.

This is a sort of  'torture' we skip , persuading us (lying)  that the faster we run  the sooner we leave them behind ;  but inside , we are aware of their existence and each second without solving them , they become heavier and generate new troubles to solve. This is just a summary of the conflicts the Zhan Zhuong brings to your mind  ; with  the  practise  we realize that that torture is not like that. What creates the power of the troubles is the lack od action upon them  when you see them and just let them generate pain. However, when you see them and put in action  , just the attempt to modify them , give you strength and takes off power ; although , at the begining , it was  unsuccessful , because we have already performed , we have moved  , we have given the firt step to the freedom of action , but first you should see. That is the Zhan Zuong  , it doesnīt give us the chance to run away from ourselves  taking  our own choice ; it gives us clarity  so when we observe , there is no way to run away from our own action to generate a  constant  and  present recognition  in our being. This practise provokes the daily responsibility that each action put into practice  generates and each person is responsible to what he provokes , taking charge of it or not. The capacity to see what the  practise of the Zan Zuong  produce on us  , donīt give us  the chance of an irresponsible action , you should take into account that there are no excuses, the whole thing is attitude , you wonīt have another way  : recognize it or keep on evading the life by uncountable means you face everyday  , but with a slight difference ,  you  donīt sin as a blind  but  bliding because of the fact of having seen and not transmited .

 Attitude towards the effort to the difficulty to reach an achievement  of practise , of life , of existence , not for the merit  ( it isnīt the most important )  for the effort put in the attempt. Maybe , you can understand these words with your mind , but they would just be understood with the practise .

José María Arias (Tati)

Article gotten up of the newspaper 'Ortodoxia Marcial' # 3 -  10/9/1995