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To know and understand without thinking  

As an I chuan tao practising , Iīve shared my time and space of practice with plenty of people, with some of them I īve turned into brothers , with others into class mates of school, place, events, work; and I īve also shared.

It with many people I īve never seen, not for any mystic reason, just because I was practising Zhuan Zhuang before they came or finished when they had gone.

Thatīs why, I could live some experiences beside a lot of people and listen different deductions about what is “The I chuan Tao practice “; many were reasonable , others almost brillant and others stupid ... ; maybe some stupid ones have been so brilliant that comes back to the stupidity or so stupid that turns into brilliant.

Maybe, the own stupidity sometimes saw any brightness or darkned others;

If not, it was my own intelligence which made it stupid or conceived a stupid idea over a brilliant theory; although....  the light of the deductions over the practice get the truth dark, it īs only who lost his eyes practising, who can see without being blinded because of the bright of the truth , the power of the practice weakens the light of the inteligence, depuring the reason , and promotes the development of the instinctive ,which is produced by means of the commitment and showed when youīre honest ,  fool to the light of the eyes of the intelligence and by means of the power of the reason , Itīs :

“THE  STRENGTH  BE  WITH  YOU  , OBI  WAN  KENOBI “ ... and like this ,I can keep playing I think , Iīm intelligent and  I understand or Iīm stupid and also understand.

-There are as many  I CHUAN  as  people who practise, because each one is different,  in each one is different and in each one generates something different.

-No, there is only one I chuan Tao, my  Master taught a lot of Zhuan Zhuang and everyone do it in a different way but all alike . The I chuan Tao has no method but all of them.

-I donīt come but I practise, I`m an I chuan tao practising.


You donīt understand I chuan Tao , you practise  and you practise at school with the practice family. The I chuan Tao is not just movement or no movement , itīs taking the time to go to the school , the physical time to overcome the economic or personal problems , any problem ; to put the ego in other place and practise to accept your mates , brothers , students , teachers , the way they are ; and grow up yourself in the only place you have to practise, at “ the school” ; the cost is not the matters since it is always less than what you have to practise, I`m not talking about the benefits; in the practice ,  you shouldnīt put any cost before it  ( economic or personal).

-IF you donīt practise at school, you arenīt an I chuan Tao practising.

You solve the problems in the practice.

Coming back from my absences , steps of the personal practice , my Master taught me :

Ok , you donīt come, you donīt practise...

Yes , Master, I go to the park everyday and practise..

Shut up, listen , (...), you donīt come , you donīt practise, you donīt understand, you donīt know. Now, you come, practise , you understand.

No , Master, I donīt understand, I want to practise with you ,

Because I think ...

NO ! In Ichuan Tao ,Donīt think! Do you come? Do you practise?

Yes, Master.

Then, you know, you understand ... now, donīt think, now take the stick and practise Zhuan Zhuang.

Distance contaminates the understanding and generates different things, depends on the personality : Shame ( I donīt practise well, Iīve lost my level ) , Arrogance ( he doesnīt know ) etc. Only the practice at school generates and developes the practice.

Because of that behaviour, there is a bigger risk:

Once , I asked what happened if we let this not coming posture take place , or we came every now and then because “ we canīt “ .

One of my brothers properly said : “there would be two of us left , Weīll come “.

I didnīt answered ; if we all leave place to excuses , as powerful they were,

If nobody comes, the I chuan Tao dies.

 My Master taught me :If you donīt come, you donīt understand ; if you donīt practise, you donīt know .

Now, I know that if you donīt practise, How do you know there isnīt “ I canīt” but “ I donīt want to “ ? There arenīt many I chuan, you   know this practising, and you keep it free of contamination ; ...developing the will by coming to practise, practising the commitment everyday, depuring it in the practice.

Just with the permanence, I īm gonna understand that the I chuan Tao has no method thatīs why it has all , and it doesnīt mean that there are plenty of I chuan if not one which is like this, you donīt think , you practise thinking with your belly and it  onlydevelops one same  HEART in all tha I chuan Tao practising , which gets softer and contaminated ( not only forgeting) when we are far from the practice. The one who doesnīt practice, donīt see , and “ think” what is different (in different people) but it is one and you see it in I chuan Tao practising īeyes. For example, when I want to explain what I felt in a Zhuan Zhuang to a brother or a teacher and I canīt find the proper words, but he look into your eyes and says : Yes, I know , itīs like this. ; and I know he understood me, the more we advance in our practice the less we talk in class.

The commitment to come to practise develops the will – my Master taught me- and the will templates the HEART like the fire to the steel , Only one same HEART in the I chuan Tao Heart.

-Now I understood, now I know.

Only the ones who knows , practise, only who practise, Knows.

Donīt forget, the ones who knows , doesnīt talk and Iīve talked too much                                                 

Everything that can be told or writen is not the Tao , it is not true.

The Tao , in any discipline is the practice itself.


                                      My best regards


                                                    José María Arias