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Brief history of I Chuan Tao

    Gral Yue Fei (1102 1141) sistematized the Martial  Art  knowledges in China under the name of  I Chuan ,  as time went by , it  was taught  in monasteries with the name of Hsing I Chuan , depending on the translation.

In 1924, the Great Master Wang Xiang Zhai (1885 1963) well-known as Mao Tun Lao Ren (elderly man who is good at contradiction) he reformulated  and sistematized   the I Chuan on the base of the essential and more effective Martial knowledges  accumulated up to that time. The style got away from the classic ways.

The Great Master Tung Kuo Sao ,born in 1929  in Beijing , started his I Chuan tao  practice

when  he was a little child with the Great Master Wang Xiang Zhai, throughout his life he

has founded schools to teach and spread the Wushu. This way brought hiI m to Argentine , in 1981, where he settled down and founded the Ta Chen School. In 1993 , The World Council of I Chuan Tao Masters gave him the highest degree  of the Style : Grand Master and named  Honorary President of The I Chuan Tao Research Association in Beijing .

In Argentine ,up to his back to Hong Kong  in 1998, he dedicated his whole time to the Wushu.

Nowadays, according to his I Chuan Tao high degree , he is concerned  with his practice, study, investigation, development and spreading of the I Chuan Tao.