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Chinesse fable  : The wise elderly woman

An elderly woman had a friend, a married young woman, whose mother in law suspected she had stolen a piece of meat and because of that ,  she wanted to throw her out of the house .The desperated young woman went to complain to her friend .

-         ¨Where can you go ?¨- the elderly neighbour said -¨ I´m gonna get  your mother in law called you¨  .Then, she went to the young woman´s house with a straw.

-         ¨My dogs are fighting for a piece of meat¨- she said –¨ that´s why I need some light to set a big fire  and  hit them¨

As soon as the mother in law heard it ,  she send someone to call her daughter in law.

This elderly woman wasn´t endowed with eloquence ,  and taking a straw to ask for light is not a good way to get a reconciliation ; but when you procede properly  you get good resaults.

                                                                                                          Jan Ying