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Chinesse fables: Too many paths

A Yang Dse neigbour, who had lost  a sheep  , sent all his men to look for it and asked Yang Dse servant to join them.

-         What ! exclaim Yang Dse – Do  you need all those men to look for a sheep?

-         There are plenty of paths  . explain the neighbour

When they went back , Yang Dse asked his neighbour

-         Well, have you found the sheep?...

-         No . he said , then Yang Dse wanted to know why they had failed .

-         There are too many paths – answered  the neibourg. One paths leads to another and we didnīt know which  one to take so we came back.

Yang Dse kept deeply thinking  , stayed quiet without smiling for a long time. His disciples werw astonished.

-         A  sheep is not so important , that wasnīt  even  yours.

-         Why do you have to stop talking and smiling ?

Yang Dse didnīt  answer , his disciples were amazed . One of them , Mmengsun Yang told Sindu Dse.

-         When there are to many paths , said Sindu Dse , a man canīt find his sheep. When a student attends too many things , wastes his time and loses his way. You are a Yang Dse disciple and learn from him , however  , you havenīt been able  to understand him.

What a pity .....

                                                                                         Lie Dsi