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   I was given the task to write about I chuan  , and here I am starting from wherever it is.My experience is not much but I am making a lot of changes  which are not always seen.I mean, you can develop your own will practising  Zhan Zuang and then  spread  it to any order, because, in my opinion it is not just physical and  mental exercises , it is a Philosofy, a lifestyle.Recently, I have had  a problem  which made me feel disappointed and painful . In spite of that, I cleaned my tears . In the class, I tried to take it easy  although I felt sensitive ( this happens to me at first , if something physical or mental hurts me , I  feel  upset  and  I  sometimes cry) but while practising Zhan Zuang  I  don´t let me put my arms down , because if not, it would be to put them down in my life  so , by keeping the structure , when my arms went down I raised them once and again . When the practice finished  I felt better , then the problem had turned into an old wound.

    In other moment of my life, as I  am used to somatizing , that problem would have depressed me or made me sick . It didn´t  happen because the practice strengthen me ,  which  doesn´t mean    the problems don´t affect me at all , I have a different point of view .  For different reasons , I have had a hard life but now , I am happy because I   have the tools  to live , now , I know what I can do , I make the choice and If  I  set  it out  I am able  to overcome the dificulties  and it doesn´t matter in what way.

    In April , I was operated and spite of the pain  I was not moody  , so a week later , I went downstairs , went out home , took a bus and  went to my practice place  and practised , I felt that would  recover me faster than staying at home.

   I am aware I  have to practise more to be better and grow up in my practice , to overcome  my difficulties but I know the way to follow , I know that little by little  , drop by drop I will break the stone and this is my I chuan own way.


 Gladys Rolón

(I chuan tao practising)